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Our Mission is to provide high-level solutions to physicians, staff and their patients with exceptional customer service, clinical and technical support and the commitment to positive patient outcomes.

Apollo Laboratory was founded on a single principle, to offer clinical laboratory services which provide healthcare providers with actionable results at the highest level of accuracy and integrity. We focus on accuracy while providing exceptional customer service from specimen collection to rapid result delivery.

Our goal is to provide the medical community with valuable clinical data that can improve quality of care, patient outcomes and positively impact the rising costs of healthcare.

Grand Opening
On May 18th, 2016 the Apollo Laboratory Investors, Management Team, Scientists, and Laboratory Staff opened Its doors in Beaumont Centre of Lexington, Kentucky, functioning as a high-complexity molecular PCR laboratory targeting infectious disease in Central Kentucky and the surrounding states.
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Toxicology In-House
Soon after the grand opening of Apollo Laboratory, management and staff validated a high-complexity and robust toxicology menu for local providers in Appalachia and surrounding states to assist in combating the opioid epidemic. By providing addiction and recovery centers with fast and reliable results for their opioid treatment programs, Apollo Laboratory positioned itself to become a premier independent specialty laboratory located in the heart of Central Kentucky.
Monday, March 18, 2019
Marquis Partnership
As the growing demand for primary care crosses into medicated assisted treatment (MAT), Apollo Laboratory management developed a robust hematology offering through a strategic partnership with Marquis Laboratory and Labcorp allowing Apollo the ability to offer routine blood testing and specialized, ancillary test offerings.
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Molecular PCR
From the very beginning, Apollo Laboratory focused on providing local healthcare practitioners with highly accurate and timely actionable data to provide better patient care that is faster and more comprehensive. At this time, Apollo Laboratory only offered 2 molecular testing options - Respiratory Pathogen and Gastrointestinal profiles.
Friday, December 21, 2018
Expansion of PCR Panels - Assurance Partnership
Catering to provider demand and market analysis, Apollo laboratory reached an agreement with Assurance Laboratories to offer and service an enhanced offering of molecular PCR panels including UTI, STI, Wound Infection, Women's Health, and Anti-biotic Resistance.
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Apollo Advantage Our Core Values

Rapid Results

Faster result turn-around time leads to quicker diagnosis and enhanced patient outcomes. Responsive to emergency requests, even on weekends when possible.


Trust that your laboratory is CLIA certified, employees are properly trained, and undergo periodic regulatory compliance by third party auditors.

Reliable Support

Dedicated account managers, reliable billing specialists, and knowledgeable scientists support provider staff, answer critical diagnostic billing questions, and clinically assist providers on effective treatment paths.


Ensure that your laboratory cares for your patient’s financial health as providers do their physical health. Laboratories should not overcharge for services and patients should be given ample time to pay invoice if necessary.

Quality Is what we're committed to

In addition to maintaining uninterrupted CLIA certification and state regulatory licensing, Apollo Laboratory operates under the highest standards of quality excellence in the laboratory testing community. Standard measures of operation are held in the highest regard as we believe that our stringent SOPs and attention to detail makes us uniquely the most robust, accurate, and efficient laboratory in the state of Kentucky.

From collection, to shipping, receiving, and processing, stringent procedures for specimen handling and control are placed to protect the honest result of each specimen. Each specimen is assigned a unique accession number which is tracked through the testing process to ensure PHI/HIPPA security and reliability of the specimen under all segments of the laboratory process.

Our expert scientists ensure that every single result that is produced has been personally reviewed review for standard and quality measures. If the curve of a result looks askew or out of the ordinary, our team automatically re-runs the specimen for double confirmation validity.

  • As a leader in laboratory compliance and quality assurance, Apollo Laboratory regularly audits SOPs involving proficiency testing, contingency planning, and random blind sample processing. We meticulously maintain instrument routine maintenance, staff training, competency assessments, internal processing auditing, and assay method validation.
  • Apollo Laboratory’s board of directors oversee compliance, innovation, quality, and oversight.
  • Confirmatory testing is performed using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LCMS/MS).
  • Apollo Laboratory celebrates extremely low processing and reporting errors due to our stringent quality measures, contingencies, fail-safe methods, and professional oversight.

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