Actionable Data



Laboratory analytics and the ability to access them from anywhere is immeasurably convenient. We connect providers with data by utilizing the MyApollo patient result portal. Providers can locate, download, and analyze every patient result ever processed by Apollo Laboratory. Providers and authorized personnel can access historical reporting for a cumulative view of their patients progress anytime, from anywhere.

Information Management & Integration

  • MyResults

    A real-time, web-based platform allowing reports to be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

  • Online Ordering

    Clients can create patient orders, edit orders, search for tests, create labels and run diagnostic reports.

  • EHR Interface

    Providing clients with a one-stop secured environment encompassing all patient health related data and reporting from their native EHR system.

MyResults All Results In One Hub

MyResults is a free and encrypted tool that makes getting test results faster and easier. Our web-based portal allows for all patient results to be accessed, all in one place, from anywhere. Patients can easily be searched, bulk selected, and our easy-to-understand PDF reports can be printed, faxed, sent electronically, or uploaded into any EHR system for manual patient chart uploading. MyResults allows unlimited users to access summarized diagnostic reports in real-time with full assay breakdown including exact confirmation levels. 

Result Reporting Easy-to-read, print, and customize

Our data can be delivered by any method that is most convenient for our clients, even if that means multiple communication paths and customization. We offer multiple templates for clients to choose from, with specific requests to the templates if needed. Not only will results always be located in the secure MyResults portal, but we can also fax and email reports for client convenience if needed.

Reports contain a summary of key information along with an exact breakdown of detected confirmation levels. Our easy to print PDF formatting streamlines the process for day-to-day operational workflows for enhanced efficiency and practice versatility.

Online Test Ordering Eliminate Processing Errors and Increase Accuracy

The MyResults online ordering feature allows for much faster specimen handling and processing at the point of care, and laboratory. As patient profiles are built within the database with their demographics and latest insurance information, medical staff will need to only enter patient information one time before it is saved for any future follow up testing. Each test, both the printer and label printer will create the test order (specific collection device for the tests selected will be indicated),  and patient identifying sticker labels print, which eliminates confusion and handwritten user error that can delay the testing process. 

For the laboratory, online ordering allows for us to receive the specimen and quickly begin the testing process without any additional handling of paperwork and data entry.

By utilizing the MyResults online ordering portal, providers and medical staff experience faster turnaround time, decreased error rates, decreased sample rejections, decreased collection device errors, and increased satisfaction and convenience for better patient care.

Providing I.T. All PCs, Printers & Software Included

Healthcare demands laboratory performance to be at a high level to achieve the best patient care possible. We supply our clients with company owned devices and printers to ensure that they are fast, proper software is installed and updated, devices are secure, and that they experience little to no downtime or disruption during the day-to-day diagnostic process.

EHR Interface We Partner and Connect to most EHR Systems

The integration between the laboratory and our clients EHR has never been more seamless. With numerous EHR integrations already established and connected, we provide our clients with a more familiar way to order tests, view results, track results, reduce errors, and produce faster outcomes directly from home base. Our clients can use their native EHR systems and we will integrate our testing services for a true, one-stop-shop testing workflow experience.

To check to see if we integrate with your EHR system, please fill out our Interface Compatibility Form.




MyResults Portal

EHR Interface