Apollo laboratory offers robust diagnostic testing to physicians and medical professionals. Our partners join us in making our regions diagnostic test offerings stronger. Each of our partners have the same authority, knowledge and expertise as we do. We believe that through our strategic partnership, our services are raising the bar towards better testing, faster results, and better patient care. 

At Assurance Scientific Laboratories (ASL) we are a team of medical doctors and scientists who believe in using the best objective data available to help healthcare providers make accurate and timely diagnoses. Our mission is to provide you with Assurance to treat your patients to the best of your availability. We specialize in molecular and toxicology assays and technology.

My DrugTestCups.com is a great place to to save BIG on the  products you use most. We have the lowest prices, best service and a great quality product. Because we have made the “Lowest Price Guarantee” we strive to meet or likely beat your current pricing. We offer Custom panel tests designed just for you.

Marquis Labs offers comprehensive laboratory services for all medical specialties based on clinical evidence and with superior customer service. Marquis Labs has innovative testing options that help assist physicians to provide the highest level of personalized medicine and to fully optimize patient care.

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